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Vladimir Platonov
D.Sc., Pedagogy, Professor (Ukraine). Prominent scientist, the founder of scientific school; his works are widely known to the experts on sports and sports science in Ukraine and in many countries abroad. The main directions of scientific, pedagogical, organizational, and other professional activities of Vladimir Platonov in the areas of physical education and sports are: the development of a system of training elite athletes, its fundamental theoretical and applied aspects; history of the Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement, the development of Olympic and professional sports and their modern perspective; adaptation of human body to extreme conditions of sporting activities; improving the system of training professionals in the fields of physical culture and physical education, Sports for All, and elite sports.

He has authored more than 20 scientific monographs and handbooks issued in different years with over 80 editions which are reprinted in the USSR, Ukraine, Russia, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Romania, China, Tunisia, Colombia and other countries.

The results of the research and other professional activities of Vladimir Platonov are fully described in more than 400 published papers and have been successfully put into practice of physical education and sports.
Yusup Yakubov
D.Sc., Political Sciences, Assoc. Prof., Rector of Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism. He implemented large-scale social projects in the field of youth affairs and sport on the local and federal level. Yusup Yakubov was a co-organizer of Kazan bidding campaign for the right to host World Summer Universiade in 2011 and 2013. He was a co-creator of the XXVII Summer Universiade Legacy Concept. He implemented a model of a modern sport university based on facilities representing the legacy of a major sport event in Kazan. Research interests of Yusup Yakubov – public and regional policy in the field of physical education and sports; interaction between federal, regional and international sport systems; legacy of global sport events.
Hans-Christer Holmberg
Prof. of Sport Science at the Mid Sweden University, Affiliate Professor at the School of Kinesiology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Beijing Sport University, China and Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. He founded the Swedish Winter Sports Research Centre in 2006 and acted as its Director until 2015. The more than 200 scientific publications and several book chapters Holmberg has written focus primarily on elite sport (with a special interest in Olympic cross-country skiing, biathlon and alpine skiing), using integrated physiological and biomechanical characterization to elucidate mechanisms of improve performance. Holmberg is also director of Research and Development at the Swedish Olympic Committee (attending all Olympic Games since 1994), acting as a key link between academic research and elite sport in Sweden. He is highly appreciated as a speaker with extensive experience in the development and training of elite athletes in a variety of sports.
Evgenii Miakinchenko
D.Sc., Pedagogy, Professor (Moscow). Senior researcher at the Federal Research Center of Russian scientific and research institute of physical culture. He has numerous publications. His area of expertise is theory and methods of training in cyclic endurance sports. He has been working primarily on the scientific and instructional training support of Russian national teams in winter sports. He is a co-developer and co-supervisor of the scientific and instructional support and complex control system for elite athletes, which is currently used by Russian national teams. He used to work at the Institute of biomedical problems, Russian Academy of Science, in the field of prevention of negative zero gravity effects during long space missions. The author of the diagnostic system for clients in fitness/wellness clubs; expert in the field of recreational physical culture (fitness).
Daniel Memmert
Professor and Executive Head of the Institute of Exercise Training and Sport Informatics at the German Sport University Cologne, Cologne (Germany), with a visiting assistant professorship 2014 at the University of Vienna (Austria). His research is focused on human movement science (cognition and motor activity), sport psychology (attention and motivation), computer science in sports (pattern identification and simulation), talent, children and elite research, and research methods. He has authored or co-authored more than 200 peer-reviewed publications, books and book chapters. He transfers his expertise to business companies, the German Football National Team (DFB), and professional soccer clubs and organize the first international master in "Performance Analysis/Game analysis".

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